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Welcome note

Dear colleagues and friends of neurorehabilitation, 

we would like to cordially invite you to the joint annual meeting of DGNR, OeGNR and SGNR from December 14-16,2023 in the center of Augsburg. Even though neurorehabilitation is one of the younger specialties in medicine, Augsburg as one of the oldest cities in Germany seems to be an ideal location for our joint meeting. Augsburg is very easy to reach from all three countries, offers a great atmosphere as a small and cozy big city with a lot of tradition in the pre-Christmas period and - probably the most important thing in today's world - is considered the city of peace. 

Amazing possibilities is our congress motto, which has several meanings and dimensions. On the one hand, amazing are the therapeutic possibilities of our innovative field, ranging from therapeutic experiential knowledge to robotics to virtual reality and AI-based applications. It is also amazing how well many patients can recover with the spectrum of methods of evidence-based neurorehabilitation. However, it is also very important for us to show which amazingly good education and training opportunities, working conditions and career opportunities neurorehabilitation can offer as a field of activity. 

We would like to have a joint annual conference that reflects the multi-professional nature of neurorehabilitation and would therefore like to offer a program that is equally interesting and stimulating for all therapists, nurses, physicians and researchers. 

We hope for your active participation in the program design and look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible in Augsburg in December.   


Susanne Asenbaum-Nan (OeGNR)  
Andreas Bender (DGNR)  
Adrian Guggisberg (SGNR)